Sexual Assault Response

The University of Mississippi

October 11, 2017: Title IX Update

The announcement from the Department of Education (DOE) related to Title IX and college campuses prompted many questions. The DOE letter said that the Department:

  1. had withdrawn its guidance, issued in 2011 and 2014, related to Title IX and campus sexual violence;
  2. would develop a new policy to address sexual misconduct on college campuses that aligns with Title IX and   “provides fair access to education benefits”; and
  3. would use a rulemaking process that allows for public comments in developing this new policy.

Upholding Title IX and addressing sexual misconduct on our campus are priorities at the University of Mississippi regardless of the outcome of DOE’s policy rulemaking process. We are committed to taking care of our students and doing everything we can to provide a safe and welcoming community for all.
We want you to know that the University of Mississippi has not made any policy or procedural changes related to Title IX cases. The University plans to participate in the DOE rulemaking process and will work with organizations such as APLU and ASCA to advocate for university authority and fair student rights.
Simply put, Title IX is not going away; its enforcement is critical to the safety and well-being of Ole Miss students. Future guidance from the federal government is unknown—the interpretation of Title IX may become more or less prescriptive; we pledge to advocate for the best outcome for our community and respond to any change with a focus on what is best for our students.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University Counseling Center and Office of Violence Prevention
Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct
University Police Department

Overview of Services

The University of Mississippi is committed to a safe campus and community. As part of this commitment, the university strives to provide effective resources and equitable processes to all students involved in sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and stalking.

Sexual violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation. The University of Mississippi does not tolerate sexual violence. We provide programs and services to educate all members of our campus community about responsible conduct, the meaning of consent, how to report incidents of sexual misconduct, and how to hold individuals accountable for their behavior. This website provides resources and information for the reporting party (complainant), the accused (respondent), faculty and staff, parents and friends. If you have questions or need to talk with someone at the university, please contact the university’s Title IX coordinator, the Violence Intervention and Prevention coordinator or the University Counseling Center. (See contact information.) The university also offers medical services, including Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANE exams), at the Student Health Center during regular business hours.

Most university employees, including faculty and staff, are required to report sexual misconduct to the Title IX coordinator. If you are unsure whether someone can maintain confidentiality, ask before giving details about your situation. If you would like to make a report of sexual misconduct, contact the Title IX coordinator at 662-915-7045 or All complaints of sexual misconduct are handled sensitively and with the appropriate level of discretion.

Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual violence (rape, sexual assault, relationship violence, dating violence, and stalking), and all other forms of sex discrimination are violations of federal law, university policy and contrary to the values espoused in our Creed.

Dear Ole Miss Students:

Recently, the University has released several alerts, as mandated by the Jeanne Clery Act, to inform community members of crimes that occurred on our campus; all of the alerts concerned sexual battery cases. Acts of sexual violence are a concern on every college campus; we assure you that the University of Mississippi takes this issue seriously and has zero tolerance for sexual violence. Students who report sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on our campus have a robust set of resources available to support them in their healing. Read more…