Prevention and Training

Shelli Poole, Assistant Director and Advocate for Intervention and Prevention Services, is available to provide training and education on Healthy Relationships, Consent, and Bystander Intervention.  RASA also has peer educators trained to provide this education!  The link below can be used to schedule training with both Shelli Poole and RASA.

Click here for the Training Request Form.

Rallying Against Sexual Assault (RASA)

This student group works to raise awareness about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking while also supporting survivors from all walks of life. Email to join the organization’s mailing list.

Engage on social media! Follow RASA on Instagram @umrasa

Be an Active Bystander

As a community, the University of Mississippi encourages our members to engage in bystander intervention to prevent power-based personal violence before it happens. As a collective, we can change the culture of our community to one where violence is never accepted.

There are three ways to be an active bystander:


  • Check in with a person who looks like he or she needs assistance.
  • Call a friend in a new relationship when you have not heard from him or her in a while.
  • If you see someone who has had too much to drink, get her or him safely home using a designated driver or call a cab.


  • Spill a drink or call attention to yourself.
  • Tell the person his or her car is getting ticketed or towed.
  • Ask one or both of the people to go somewhere else with you safely.


  • If you fear for your safety or someone else’s, call the University Police Department or the Oxford Police Department.
  • Have security at the bar or party check in on someone you do not know when you are concerned.
  • In a residence hall, call your Community Assistant to intervene.

Find out more about bystander intervention from Rallying Against Sexual Assault.