Respondent Resources

University Resources

All University of Mississippi resources are free with the exception of Psychological Services.

Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance/Title IX Coordinator

Honey Ussery
Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance
University of Mississippi
120 Lester Hall
(662) 915-7045

Honey Ussery, the Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance (EORC) and Title IX Coordinator, is the appropriate University official to contact to make a report or formal complaint of sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, relationship violence, or other sexual misconduct. EORC oversees the investigation and adjudication and violations of the University’s Title IX Policy or its Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy. For more information, please review these policies and visit the University’s Title IX page.

UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy Office (Confidential*)

Tiffany Newsome
UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy Office
University of Mississippi
Student Union Suite 301
(662) 915-7248

UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy offers assistance to individuals who have been reported to be the perpetrator of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment. The UMatter Office operates under the presumption that the respondent is not responsible for the alleged conduct until a determination regarding responsibility has been made at the conclusion of the University’s grievance process. For more information, please visit the UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy website.

Student Health Center (Confidential*)

Health Center
University of Mississippi
400 Rebel Drive
(662) 915-7274

Offers forensic examinations, testing for STIs, HIV and pregnancy; emergency medications and follow-up health care. Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for walk-ins. For more information please visit the Student Health Center website.

University Police Department

University Police and Campus Safety
University of Mississippi
Kinard Hall
207 Rebel Drive
University, MS 38677
(662) 915-7234

The University Police Department (UPD) provides assistance in reporting a crime, pressing charges, criminal investigations, and offers information about campus resources. UPD also works closely with other community law enforcement agencies such as the Oxford Police Department and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department in investigations of shared concern. For more information, please visit the UPD website.

University Counseling Center (Confidential*)

Counseling Center
University of Mississippi
320 Lester Hall
(662) 915-3784

The University Counseling Center has a team of dedicated professionals who strive to offer the best care possible in an atmosphere of respect to individuals of the University community. For more information, please visit the Counseling Center website.

University Psychological Services Center (Confidential*)

Psychological Services Center
University of Mississippi
382 Kinard Hall
(662) 915-7385

The Psychological Services Center offers a unique and comprehensive approach to the educational, psychological, and spiritual well-being of our community. The initial appointment is $25, and later appointments are billed on a sliding-fee scale. For more information, please visit the Psychological Services Center website.


The Counseling Center, Student Health Center and Psychological Services are granted privilege by Mississippi law. Privilege means that in most circumstances employees in those offices are prohibited by law from sharing your information without your permission. Privilege applies to all individuals over the age of 18, but does not cover minors. In addition to employees with privilege, University of Mississippi policy allows workers in the UMatter: Student Support and Advocacy Office and VIP: Survivor Support to keep information private in most circumstances. Most other employees on campus are required to report all information about sexual discrimination, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking to the Title IX coordinator.

Community Resources

Oxford Police Department
(662) 232-2400

Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office
(662) 234-6421

National Resources

U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights

400 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100
Fax: 202-245-8392
TDD: 800-877-8339